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Please note this support portal is for administrators of self-managed GitLab instances and users of GitLab.com. If you are a user of GitLab where the URL is similar to gitlab.yourorg.com, please contact your organization.

Self-managed (hosted on your own site/server)

GitLab Community Forum
I'm using a self-managed GitLab Core or Community Edition server without a paid license, and I need help.

GitLab Enterprise Edition Customer Support
I have a paid license (Starter, Premium, Ultimate), and I need help.


GitLab Community Forum
I need help using GitLab.com.

GitLab.com Account Support
I need help accessing my free GitLab.com account.

GitLab.com Customer Support
I have a paid subscription to GitLab.com (Bronze, Silver, or Gold), and I need help.
A bug is severely impacting my ability to use GitLab.com.

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